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Our Trips

Where we go and what we see

We’re committed to providing the guidance and tools you need for the perfect trip. Below you will find our service offerings, which are customized to each client’s needs. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

Our Trips : Travel Services

Loch Broom and Isle Martin Tour

Duration 1 hour

A fun, exciting and educational loop round the inner Loch observing the local wildlife, such as both common and grey seals, sea eagles, cormorants, skuas and other seabirds.

Learn about the area from the sea, including Annat Bay and fish farming, delight in the wonderful coastal scenery and, if we are very lucky, encounter a pod of common dolphins and harbour porpoise.

This tour operates May - September

Adult: £27.50 ~ Children aged 5-15: £20.00

Under 5s: £10.00

Summer Isle Tour

Duration 2 hours

Visit the glorious Summer Isles, learn more about the area and enjoy the wonderful coastal scenery.  On this exhilarating trip you will view the islands up close, experience Cathedral Cave and search for local wildlife such as common and grey seals, sea eagles, harbour porpoises, pods of dolphins and, occasionally, minke whales.

This tour operates May - September

Adult: £50.00 ~ Children aged 5-15: £30.00

Whale & Dolphin Watch

Duration 3 hours

Our longest tour, the Whale & Dolphin Watch ventures further out into The Minch to search for those elusive cetaceans which spend their summers in our waters. A real adventure, we do our best to bring you closer to these incredible creatures and watch them as they feed. 

This trip operates July - September.

Adult: £75.00 ~ Children aged 5-15: £50.00

Private Hire

Private Hire by arrangement.

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