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What we encounter

Sea Birds and White Tailed Sea Eagles

We pass nesting sites of Fulmars, Guillemots and various gulls. We also encounter Great Northern, Black and Red Throated Divers, Gannets, and other sea birds.

Often Larry, our friendly Great Skua will come right up to the boat to see if we've brought him his breakfast - mackerel is his favourite. 

Loch Broom has multiple pairs of Sea Eagles and this makes it a fantastic place for spotting both adults and juvenile birds either around the nest sites or soaring above the loch. 



We are lucky to have both Common and Grey seals residing within our waters and it is usual to see them hauled out on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine.

Seal 2.jpg

Dolphins and Porpoises

Porpoises are residents in the loch all year round and, with good weather, there is always a high chance of spotting them surfing through the waves. 

As shoals of fish move into the loch so do our larger cetaceans.  We have a few species but our most numerous are the common dolphins. We typically see pods of 30-60 dolphins and they will often come to play and interact with the boat. 



During the summer months of July to September, the larger cetaceans, such as  Basking Sharks, Minke, Humpback and even Orca whales can be found out in The Minch.  They follow the shoals of fish on which they feed around the islands and, if conditions are right, into the outer reaches of Loch Broom itself. They are, however, elusive creatures and can be difficult to spot.

Cathedral Cave

As we work through the islands, if the weather permits we visit Cathedral Cave, a magnificent structure that swallows the boat..


Local fishing boats and Fishfarm

We regularly come alongside local fishing boats to have a chat and see them haul in their creels. 

We pass by the salmon cages to watch the salmon leap from the water and discuss the pros and cons of this farming technique. 

mg1d8469©mike guest.JPG

Fantastic Coastal Scenery

Loch Broom is surrounded by beautiful mountains, cascading waterfalls, a rugged coastline and is home to the stunning Summer Isles.

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